Saturday, July 11, 2015

Volume 3 - Chapter 10 - A Light in the Dark / Hope (Up)

Previously on EC…

After successfully breaking into the fort, they confronted the original quest giver. Bell, Rick and Till finally gets to meet the Princess who endured the devastation of an illness to ensure that the Royalists who are ruining the country will die with her with a faux-rebellion. Bell and Till tries to diagnose the illness with no success until Rick mades a guess which strangely made sense. The trio immediately calls upon Kun for a solution.

As a side note, there were so much parts where I wanted to add unnecessary translator notes, but I held back since they needlessly ruin the reading experience. I will have to learn to code the mouse over thing eventually, but I’m lazy as fuck and there’s still the other side project that I was supposed to do… and the help I got, well, he got dragged to Taiwan for a few weeks orz


The attendant jumps a few decimeters into the air as she enters the door, surprised by Kun’s shout. Seeing that everyone else reacts hopefully towards his exclamation, the black-haired young man’s back seems to give her a sense of reliability despite not knowing who he is.