Monday, May 30, 2016

Volume 4 - Chapter 2 - (Title Withheld) (Down)

Previously on EC…

Kun, Till and the others arrived in Norman Kingdom’s western territory at Zephyrus Harbour. Over the span of a few days, Till and her adopted siblings created a rapid relay system for communication and limited export in the same vein as a zipline. Also, she enlisted the help of [Atonement] in getting supplies. Kun uses the situation as further training for his Spec-op trainees at the besieged location; where he finds that everyone at Vesperheim were working together to keep the aggressors away and plan their escape. When the reinforcements finally arrive, they got beset by trouble as they go from rescuers to being in need of rescue. After a major clash, a demihuman dies fighting on his feet, causing Kun to relapse into a PTSD state, going on a rampage against the barbarians before dying. Gui, somehow sensing the abnormality within Kun, logs out to comfort him.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Great Merchant - Dao Ming (Chapter 7 - Disciple of Parvati, Disciple of Bhaisajyaguru 2)

Previously on Dao Ming…

A teenage Ming returns to a remote village somewhere. Tong has become an apprentice of a physician, who is currently trying to treat a girl who seems to be poisoned by people the physician knows. The Physician in question seems to have an idea as to who the culprits were.