Friday, December 18, 2015

Great Merchant - Dao Ming (Chapter 2 - Cursed Child, Beloved Child 2)

“Ah! Master Monk is here!” One of the children resting on the side of the path spots the monk approaching from the desolate main road, immediately calling for others’ attention.

The children bow their head slightly to the monk before resuming their task, the ones that are currently resting look at the monk with hopeful eyes. The monk straightens his left hand vertically, resting his thumb over his heart, returning the greeting. The prayer beads in that hand didn’t sway one bit in the process.

“Master Green Wisteria.” An elderly man walks toward the monk, his back hunching slightly, his hands dyed in a brownish yellow hue, similar to his robe.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Oops! Sorry for the late post!

You can blame Ishman for letting me know that Dwarf Fortress came out with a new edition... and I got sucked into reading everything about it, I hope I don't get sucked into playing it once all the peripheral programs get updated! Enjoy this chapter of EC, it doesn't add much story wise, made me god damned angry from digging and hungry though, mainly the last part. >.<

Volume 3 - Chapter 16 - Prelude to the Grand Opening

Previously on EC…

Bell got more investment than she had hoped for, the General that Hank hired with some difficulty got whipped by Kun and the students that outside the Academy to experience the world of trade just returned with a caravan in tow.

“Welcome back, everyone. How was it?”

“““Thank you, sensei!”””