Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

Recommendation page is sorta up... no idea wtf is up with google, I keep getting cache errors and what not that reverts my edits.  Same with the recently viewed LN thing.  Speaking of which, I tried making a script to automatically update it without much success, but now I've something that alert me when my favourite LNs are updates, so sorta yay.

Will continue working on the Recommendation page and what not next years, enjoy the end of this chapter.  There's a bunch of stuff that needs working on, like character list per book, spell list, the map, etc...

Hope 2014 was good for y'all, see you next year!  *goes and set off some sprinkly fireworks*

Volume 2 - Chapter 14 - An Unexpected Show (Down)


“«Air Lance»~!” 0.7 second until impact, inserting secondary mana stream…

“«Rising Tempest»~!” Argh, I’m still using too much mana? The accessories on my hand give off a warmth in warning. It’s so much easier to know what I did wrong with this tool, Headmistress was amazing to be able to make this.


I exhale a quick breath to calm myself as I make a mental note to correct the spell parameters the next time. I start concentrating on the scattered mana from the first two spells and invoke the third spell.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Volume 2 - Chapter 13 - An Unexpected Show (Up)

In Earth time, it has been almost four months since Rick’s first stumbled into the guard. That means within the world of Amoatlz, a year has almost passed. It is once more the Summer season, during the 3rd day of the High month. The [Field of Ashes] is a blazing hell once more while the kingdom of Sardon is enjoying its warm weather. The summer harvest is in full swing in parts of the region, while other villages are rotating their crops to match the season. In this warm, comfortable weather, the entire upper echelon of the city of Feia presents itself at the Zinnia Academy, surrounded by an escort force consisting of demihumans as well as its original retinue of town guards. As the carriages and carts stop in the large field before the main building of the Academy, the passengers start disembarking from the various vehicles. In the mean time, some of the demihuman escorts disappeared briefly, before coming back in colourful uniforms and with glistening swords strapped to their belts.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Edited version is now up, with added T/N and ED

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Apologies, I've been a little busy the past week. With the blog interface acting weird (things getting moved around, edits not getting saved, etc...), chatango being DDoS'ed and working on something else, I haven't been able to update a lot of stuff. Will make time for it this weekend to update the LN list and hopefully get the recommendation list up and running. Mouse over didn't play nice with some of the other features, so I MUST be doing something wrong (the Mouse-overs will replace [T/N] and [ED] for a more seamless experience). Mobile might get a facelift too seeing as mobile users are the second biggest readership.

With that out of the way, hope you all have a happy holiday. For those that don't celebrate any, have fun with whatever it's that you do (just... don't touch that yellow snow, don't say I didn't work you!)

Volume 2 - Chapter 12 - Legends Untold, Legends Unknown

[T/N: The title is a slight play on word, "legend" was in katakana instead of written as 伝説. Bravo if any of you figure out the implication :3]

“Whew… is everyone alright?” The brown-haired man asks everyone on the roof in relief.


Groans of acknowledgment come as a response.

“Hurts like hell… but we really did it, didn’t we?”
“Sure did, can’t believe we took them on and survived…”
“uuuh… my ale and beer…”

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Volume 2 - Chapter 11 - Avenger

[T/N: A quick reminder. Like with the last chapter featuring Gui, the text is heavily in hiragana. Hiragana used this way implies his language skill is that of the elementary school student. Since we don't have an equivalent of expressing this in English, I opted to simplified the language used (the description of objects are kept as is though).]

I lunge forward and quickly snap my jaws at the clawed rabbit, making it jump back. Expecting that it will jump away, I didn’t stop going forward, ramming my head into it before it can land. The prey brings its claws down at me as I thought it would, I stopped advancing the moment I touched it, so I’m out of its reach. With its claws down and about to land, I bite it in the head and start shaking my head wildly until I hear a *pakin*. I have fought with these prey before, I know how to kill them quickly.

With the prey killed, I put it down. I’d normally start eating, but this isn’t the time. There are too many of these prey and they are hunting something.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Volume 2 - Chapter 10 - Trial and Tribulation (Last/Down)

“Thanks for hosting us for dinner. We’re going to try and clear up any misunderstanding, my brother shouldn’t bother you again, provided that there isn’t any reason to.”

“Sorry for the coarse meal and for troubling you.”

“Likewise, and if you call that meal coarse, I will have to visit you for a proper meal!” Mikhal mounts the horse that was prepared by his cavalry, a rider hands him a partially hooded lantern hanging from a rod after he’s properly mounted. “See you again soon.”